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04-Jun-2016 Karen Harris

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4 Building Blocks for Financial Momentum in your Business

The key to remember in business is that action builds momentum, and momentum fuels further action. The action you take on the 4 building blocks outlined in today's blog will help fuel financial momentum for your business.

30-Mar-2016 Karen Harris

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Send invoice, get paid!

How do you handle unpaid accounts? Getting paid can be one of the biggest headaches and stressors of particularly service-based businesses.

19-Mar-2016 Karen Harris

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Income and your Sales Funnel

This blog post provides tips on how you can connect your Income Generation Strategy to your Sales Funnel. As you know your Income Generation Strategy needs different income streams (refer to the last blog post) - these income streams need to be spread across your Sales Funnel.

21-Feb-2016 Karen Harris

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Do you have an Income Generation Strategy?

As a Service Professional you can't just rely on one income stream.

03-Feb-2016 Karen Harris

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Winning the Expenses Race

Business expenses seem to be very good at running away on us! Our expenses can look like the image in today's blog. Some expenses are are bit closer to us because they perhaps are overdue, or that particular type of expense always keeps occurring (though it may not be providing any return for the business). While other expenses we can see off in the distance somewhere -

07-Jan-2016 Karen Harris

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Financial 'naval gazing': permission is given!

As we start this New Year, I want to challenge you to actually take the time to do some financial 'naval gazing' - I give you permission to do so!

23-Dec-2015 Karen Harris

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Cash is King: yes even at Christmas!

The accounting software that is always our first choice here at Bay Business is XERO. It really it such an excellent program with an easy to use interface and plenty of fantastic features.

12-Mar-2015 Karen Harris

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How Good is your Record Keeping?

Presenting to my BNI Sunrisers chapter at the Blackbutt Hotel is always an enjoyable time! Last week I focused on the Importance of Good Record Keeping.

09-Mar-2015 Karen Harris

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